About Us

PARTS LOKKA, A Clear Choice...

Congratulations on finding us. Once you use our service we are pretty confident that you won’t go anywhere else. 

Who we are...

PARTS LOKKA was created by us, three Mechanical Engineers with over 15 combined years of experience in the automotive industry. 
Mechanical Engineer from the University of Wolverhampton UK. Over six years experience with three major luxury automotive brands Land Rover, Jaguar and Volvo.
” A passion for doing things uniquely, eye for quality and being the best drives me forward”  

Mechanical engineer from California State University Northridge USA. Experienced in luxury automotive brands Porsche and BMW.
Believe entirely in what you do, and always do the right thing… No one can stand in your way.”
Mechanical Engineer from the University of Wolverhampton UK. Over seven years of experience with major luxury automotive brands Audi and Volkswagen. A business development guru.
With knowledge and experience both locally and internationally we ensure that our customers get an unique service and value for money. 


The problem ourselves and people with vehicles face today is after-sales. Specially finding an honest and reasonable mechanic, workshop or spare parts store around town. Especially nowadays there is less time for people to live their lives, as they are so busy working 24/7. 
Therefore as a solution we initiated our own online store to supply automotive spare parts and accessories which would set a new trend in the industry. We brought the products to you finger tips and making the choice clear. We created PARTS LOKKA to ensure that you don't get fooled by fake products, don't waste time walking around searching for parts and most of all get the best value for money spent.

What we do...

Currently we are selling products available in the local market through our online store. We give the opportunity to customers all over Sri-Lanka to purchase any product from our online store and get it delivered to your door step. We also offer parts not available in our store to be purchased through our parts enquiry form. All products are priced reasonably with the best delivery rates as well. 
We are based in Sri-Lanka at moment. We are marketing the best quality products for the consumer with a wide variety of options to choose from.  “Parts Lokka” is our registered trademark under our company Unique Edge Company Pvt Ltd. The key concept is to deliver best quality products with the best pricing at the convenience of the customer. Our target is to offer everything you need for your vehicle right at your finger tips and to get it at your doorstep.
We will never settle down. We will always expand ourselves to cater to the growing demands of the customer. We will also provide parts not available in Sri-Lanka solely through our store. Our goal is to provide spare parts and accessories for every brand or model of vehicles in Sri-Lanka. And with a range from every nut & bolt to every body part. 

The Sky is NOT the limit for us....